Video – Fishing the Tokyo Rig with the Flappin’ Hog & Cowboy

Yamamoto Pro Shane Beilue shares how he likes to fish the Tokyo Rig – utilizing either a Yamamoto FlappinClick for more»

Video – The Yamamoto Zako Swimbait

The Zako swimbait, designed exclusively for Yamamoto by Elite Pro Brett Hite, as his go-to chatterbait and jig trailer.Click for more»

Video – The Sanshouo Salamander

Ron Colby, VP of Operations, introduces one of our newest baits, the Sanshouo Salamander – a great punching andClick for more»

Video – Yamamoto Pro Mike DelVisco reviews the new Sanshouo Salamander

A versatile bait, the new Yamamoto Sanshouo provides anglers with multiple ways to fish it. If you haven’t alreadyClick for more»

Video – Yamamoto Senko Fishing Tips with Mike DelVisco

Yamamoto pro and fishing personality Mike DelVisco shows you a few tips for fishing with one of the best bass fishingClick for more»

Video – Bass & Bluegill in the Summer Shallows

In June, bass start thinking about transitioning into deeper water, but if there’s flooded cover up shallow, you&#Click for more»

Video – 3 Keys to Finding Bass in Shallow Cover with the Flappin’ Hog

Yamamoto Pro Shane Beilue shows us how to pinpoint shallow bass effectively using the Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog.  Click for more»

Video – Gary Yamamoto’s Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Induction Speech

One of the most innovative designers of soft plastic lures, Gary Yamamoto recently joined the current 59 members and wasClick for more»

Fishing the Yamamoto Tate’ and Shibuki Popper

Yamamoto Pro Shane Beilue gives a quick overview of how to best utilize the two topwater hardbaits in our lineup: theClick for more»

Fishing the Yamamoto Chikara Crankbait

Our newest crank is the Chikara 25-series wake-bait. Catch up with Yamamoto Pro Shane Beilue as he fishes the Chikara inClick for more»

Yamamoto Hard Baits – Overview

Yamamoto Pro-Staffer Shane Beilue gives a brief overview of the new Yamamoto hardbaits.  Click for more»

Hula Grub Fishing and Rigging Tips

Yamamoto pro and fishing personality Mike DelVisco takes a look at how versatile the Yamamoto Hula Grub can beClick for more»

Fishing the New Yamamoto Heart Tail

Pro-Staffer Shane Beilue shares his tips on fishing the versatile Yamamoto Heart Tail. Another great bait forClick for more»

Fishing the New Yamamoto Yama Frog

Veteran Yamamoto Pro Shane Beilue shares his strategy for catching bass in newly flooded cover where you want to use aClick for more»

The New Yamamoto Cali-Roll – Rigging Tips

Yamamoto Pro Bub Tosh shares rigging tips for the new Yamamoto Cali-Roll worm – deadly in finesse applications.Click for more»

How To Catch Springtime Bass in Cold Water

Spring is finally here, but for most of us, the water’s we’re fishing are still pretty cold. Yamamoto Pro-Click for more»

Video – Randy Howell Reviews the New Heart-Tail

Yamamoto Pro Randy Howell shares his tips for fishing the new, versatile Yamamoto Heart-Tail Swimbait effectively. OrderClick for more»

Video – Fishing the new 7.75″ Kut Tail on Brush Piles

Fishing brush piles can be an effective way to get your fish-fix from Fall into early Winter. Yamamoto Pro Mike DelViscoClick for more»

The Yamamoto Kreature Bait

In the fall, Yamamoto Pro Mike DelVisco likes to pitch and flip a Texas-rigged Kreature bait in and around cover. WhenClick for more»

Fishing the Shad Shape Worm for Winter Bass

We all know the Shad Shape Worm is great on a drop-shot rig, right? Yamamoto Pro Shane Beilue shares his drop-Click for more»

Target Bass in shady cover with the Swim Senko

Looking for bass on bright, sunny days can be tough. A perfect place to find them targeting bait-fish is in the shadowsClick for more»

The Shad Shape Worm – Versatility in a Tiny Package

Sure, the Shad Shape Worm is a fantastic little finesse bait, perfect for when you need to slow down and downsizeClick for more»

How to Rig and Where to Fish the D-Shad for Fall Fishing

Fall is approaching and that means the water will be cooling off and the fish will be shallow and more active as theyClick for more»

Utilizing the Large Flappin’ Hog

Inside Line contributor, Shane Beilue, shares how he uses one of his favorite baits, the 4.5″ large Flappin’Click for more»

The Yamamoto PsychoDad

Bub Tosh of Paycheck Baits demonstrates how he likes to rig the Yamamoto Psycho Dad. Bub is using his new signature IrodClick for more»

How to Rig a Drop Shot

More than just a finesse-style technique, you can flip a drop-shot into mats and tulles quite effectively. Want moreClick for more»

How to Rig a Flappin

Texas-rigging a Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog

Texas-rigging the Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog produces the perfect bait for punching grass and mats.Click for more»

Yamamoto Flappin

The Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog

A very compact, small and heavy bait, the Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog is the perfect choice for a jig trailer.  Click for more»

How to Rig a Senko

How to Rig a Yamamoto Senko

One of the most common questions we get here at Yamamoto Central is what hook size to use with the Yamamoto Senko.Click for more»